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How can we make this better?

We would love to know how we can make fuelService better for you?

Is there something we can do to make the app easier to use?

Is there something the petrol stations could do to make the experience better/faster/easier?

Any ideas are welcomed, please add you feedback for existing ideas as well.

The more people who want a feature will make it happen faster.

I like anything that is going to make life more better for me. One suggestion for later is this I understand costs etc but what about having signs on the doors in windows saying DISBLED WELCOME FUELSERVICE IS HERE

I put that as once I got badly abused by a motorist who felt because I got a Tesco lady filling up my car I was milking it plus another disabled perk so by having a sign like that is two fold it advertises fuelservice plus making able motorist that disabled drivers or disabled passengers are warmly welcome.

I so hope this really works I loath hate detest but less of all using the hooter like a rich Lord would do, so the fact I will be able to go into a petrol station and know they know I am there. I do hope though your chase up those petrol stations who ignore us still after all every barrow has few rotten apples on it

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Thanks Barry, good feedback.

When it goes fully live at a petrol station there is also going to be a poster near the pump that tells people about FuelService and also a way of people who don't know about the app, or don't want to use it, being able to dial an interactive phone service to ask for assistance.

I agree it would be amazing if we could go anywhere and get help without having to attract attention in an embarrassing way. We are committed to getting as many stations as possible using FuelService to stop this happening.

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Just a quickie - I had to reverse back at the pump I was at to read the phone number (it was on the pillar to the right of the pump) Not a biggy, I'll admit - but I would have missed it otherwise! It was only because my expensive keyring never worked that I looked at the sign to see if I had to do the dreaded horn blast! This is an excellent service, word needs to get around about it. Have you considered advertising? (I know its costly though). Thankyou
This service is amazing! Thank you so much also for rolling this out just as I receive my first hand-controlled car as a spinal cord injured person :-P Shell have the Pay&Go option on their app. I wonder if there's a way of pulling that feature of theirs into the your app so you can pay once the wonderful assistant had finished fuelling?

Thanks Gemma, we do work with the Shell Fill Up & Go service when its available.

If its available you will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says "Fill Up & Go Available Here"

Once you have told the station you are there a button appear in the app which will take you to the Shell App to pay.

I think Shell are in the process of rolling it out everywhere, but it will take time.

I love the Ap. It takes all the embarrassment out of buying fuel. Would be great if we could use the App to pay also

Worked for me, after beeping my horn to get the attention of the petrol assistant (which is a tad awkward) as the Hailo-system defunked with Sainsburys it was just a case of using the App to do its stuff.

Can you add Tesco and Asda petrol stations? The only ones that show in my area are the expensive ones, and disabled people aren’t known for having tons of money. Agree that paying using a credit/debit card via the app would be useful too.
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