If you have a phone near the counter and it is ringing all the time then it can become a nuisance if you have to answer all the calls just to find the ones that are fuelService.

A solution for this is to purchase a phone that has a Do Not Disturb feature. This way the phone can be set to only ring aloud when fuelService is calling.

Many phones have this feature and it generally works by turning on the Do Not Disturb feature and adding the fuelService phone number to the phone book/contact list in the phone.

The phone will then be silent for all calls not in the phone book, and only ring for the ones that are - such as fuelService.

The fuelService number for the UK that you need to add is 0161 375 1679

Many phones have this feature and it is normally known as Do Not Disturb.

To do this you will need to have caller line id on the phone line so that the phone will be able to see the number that is calling.