If your station doesn't have a phone number that goes directly to you then there are different options available depending on your situation.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If the phone number that we call goes to an IVR where options need to be input or an extension number needs to be input then we can still route the call directly to the relevant phone.

You will need to let us know and we can configure the system to enter the information needed.

Switch Board or Shared Phone Line

If the phone number you have goes to a switch board, or is shared between multiple people and is answered by the first to pickup then you can choose one of the solutions below.

1. Add a new phone number to your telephone system.

You should be able to request a separate telephone number from your provider. Then you will need to get the telephone system configured to automatically route the call to the stations phone.

This is often called a DDI (Direct Dial In) number.

We can then configure the system to call this number so the call will go directly to the station.

2. Or the solution for No Phone Line below.

No Phone Line

We can provide a phone that is locked down to only allow calls coming from fuelService and disable all other functionality on the phone.

The phone runs over the mobile phone network with no other requirements.

This would have to be placed where there is power so it can always be powered. An example of the phone is below (available in white or black)